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What is happiness? Ask your neighbors and you may hear everything from a BWM M5 to the purest form of all: love. But happiness is quantifiable. In fact, the United Nations uses happiness to define social progress in the world. The World Happiness Report measures country happiness by generosity, real GDP, average life expectancy of it’s citizens, perceived freedoms, lack of corruption, work life balance and other factors. Are you in one of the happiest countries?

10. Sweden

Sweden is a magical place to visit, with high minimum wage, excellent government services and active lifestyle contributing to this top 10 spot. It’s tied with Australia for 9th, in fact.

9. Australia

Much like Sweden, Australia features a high minimum wage, leading to solid quality of life. The country is as blessed as they come, with bountiful ocean and beautiful landscapes.

8. New Zealand

It’s nice to know it’s not just as dreamy as it looks. New Zealand has a very stable government, high quality of life and is it’s citizens are renowned for generosity. Yet another reason to go.

7. Canada

Oh Canada, what a place. Canada is seen as one of the most diplomatic and stable countries in the world, with high life expectancy amongst many contributing factors.

6. Netherlands

In a single modern word, the Netherlands is a “chill” place. Active lifestyle and abundant culture create a buzzing, modern society. High paid jobs contribute to the mix, making it a top choice.

5. Finland

The land with over 1,000,000 saunas is apparently blissful place to live too. Finland is amongst the most socially progressive countries, benefiting from rich natural resources.

4. Switzerland
From gorgeous mountains to a powerful GDP, Switzerland has a lot going for it. The country boasts strong government trust, long life expectancies and high average income.

3. IcelandIceland

Perhaps it’s the bountiful nature, strong currency or just the delightful warm lagoons. Iceland is one of the happiest countries in the world, and not surprisingly -one of the most expensive too.

2. Denmark

The Danish have the most living space per capita, and are at the forefront of design. The country’s emphasis on family and togetherness has contributed to a rise in happiness.

1. Norway

By now, you’ve figured out it’s good to live in a country perched high in the Northern Hemisphere, or low in the Southern. Norway was the happiest country in the world in 2017.

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