Today more and more people are traveling abroad independently. Why take a package tour when you can easily plan your ideal itinerary yourself? All you have to do is take your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and jump on the Internet. There, you can find an enormous range of hotels and apartments as well as excursions you can choose from. Besides, you may get lots of unforgettable impressions when exploring another country independently, and this might even become a life-changing experience. So, in this article, we’d like to tell you about some services which may be helpful in case you’re planning an independent trip to Thailand – the Land of Smiles.

1. First, after you’ve chosen your destination and departure date, you may start looking for airline tickets. In this case, may be of great help. A large flight search engine will help you compare airline prices and choose the cheapest one. Also, you can select the shortest flight available.

2. The next step is choosing accommodation. may give you a large list of hotels in various parts of Thailand. Whether you’re heading to Chiang Mai or Krabi, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. This website is an excellent source of information: here, you may also find info on Thai weather, food, festivals, etc.

3. Imagine you’ve just arrived at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and need to reach your accommodation. Of course, you may take one of the local buses or the metro. But what if it’s 12 a.m. or later and these services already stopped running? Or your hotel is far from the city center and you have to make changes on your way with large bags in hands? Yes, you may take a taxi, but if you choose this, you risk getting stuck in a line. Besides, if you need to travel to some more distant location (Pattaya or Hua Hin), not every driver will be ready to get you there. In this case, pre-booking a private transfer will be a great idea. A reservation can be easily made at where you can choose from a wide range of destinations. No searching and waiting for a car on the spot, no stops along the way. Using this option, you may leave the airport even late at night.

4. Want to explore Thailand under the guidance of locals and make some friends? Go to which provides a large collection of 1-day tours. Local experts will help you immerse yourself into Thai culture: you may explore a floating market, attend a cooking class, or visit an elephant camp. We’re sure everyone will find something interesting here.

5. Do you need to get from one Thai location to another? You may find train timetables and reserve tickets at

6. Another interesting service is This tool will help you find an exact position of a public transport stop, a post office, a hotel, a market, a temple, or other location needed. There are more than 1 million objects in its database which makes this platform really helpful. Also, you may download an iOS or Android app to your device and use it anytime when in Thailand.

7. And, finally, Just in case:)