You may already have known this if you are living or working in Bangkok city. But to those who are new or still planning to come to work in Thailand, here are 8 things you need to know.

1. There is a big difference between 8:00am and 8:05am.

Waking up is hard, but not hard enough to get scolded by your boss for being late.You may not get stuck on the first block but you will surely get stuck on the next corner. So make sure you’ve gone to the toilet before you head out.

2. Colorful public

Are you sick and tired of riding plain yellow cabs or uniforming buses? Then you will
surely enjoy Thailand’s public transportations! From pink, blue, green, orange taxis
to red, blue, white buses.

3. Public transportations are most likely full.

bts-crowd The later you leave the house, the more competitors you have
waiting for public rides. You might not get used to squeezing in or getting
pushed at first but you will after several times.

4. People don’t eat breakfast at home.

Buying food on the streets for breakfast is very common for
office workers, teachers, students, and everyone else, as it is convenient
and time efficient. No more dirty plates at home!

5. We must stop for National Anthem.

Whether you are about to score a basketball, kick right in a goalie, or rushing to
get inside the office to scan attendance, no matter what you do, you
must stop whatever you are doing and pay respect to the national anthem by standing still.

6. People are controlled by smartphones

We are not zombies, but due to the traffic and long distance work place,
most people play their smartphones to entertain themselves from the busy environment.

7. We don’t ride tuktuk for daily transportation.

What? we don’t? Yep. In some cases, if you are in a hurry, then tuktuk
can be an option, but most people prefers a motor bike as it is quicker
and cheaper.

8. No change for big bills.

Always make sure you have coins or smaller bills because
some public rides may not have enough money for your change. You might end up giving
100B (3$) just for a quick ride. So learn to appreciate your coins and dimes!

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