AIRLUGA is now ready to serve you at Suvarnabhumi Airport to support continued Thailand’s Tourism growth !

“AIRLUGA” is now ready to serve travelers at Suvarnabhumi Airport on the B1 Floor, Airport Rail Link Station and has aimed to be No.1 Thailand’s luggage and shopping items delivery service provider. To support continued Thailand’s Tourism growth, AIRLUGA improves tourists’ travel experiences by providing a convenient and efficient luggage and shopping items delivery service between airports and hotels, shopping centers, department stores, office buildings including accommodations in Bangkok and major cities.

AIRLUGA services satisfy tourists by eliminating the hassle of traveling with their luggage. Travelers can enjoy their extra time for shopping, sightseeing or even business meeting with the competitive service prices started from 149 THB and only 100 THB per day for luggage deposit.

And to make more convenient to travelers and enhance potential of tourism services in Thailand, AIRLUGA provides door-to- door luggage delivery service in the major cities – Phuket, Chaing Mai, Chonburi (Pattaya) as well, and is the first service provider who delivers travelers’ luggage directly to their destination in these major cities.

In addition, AIRLUGA’s management revealed that “Travelers trust AIRLUGA service because of confidence in our fast, accurate, and safe delivery. Our team has an exceptional expertise and the largest fleet ready to serve travelers around the world”.

AIRLUGA’s booking system is very easy to use on and can contact us at AIRLUGA service points around Bangkok. Customers can also drop off and pick up the luggage at AIRLUGA counter at Suvarnabhumi Airport, B1 Floor, Airport Rail Link Station: opened everyday 7.00 AM – 10.00 PM.

Travelers can follow us on Facebook / IG: Airluga and Line Official: Airluga for useful information to travel in Thailand.