Central & L’Officiel Thailand offer a platform for memorable floral art with the ‘Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence’ exhibition from 7 th to 18 th February at Central Embassy.

Always a destination for fashion, lifestyle and arts, Central has collaborated with L’Officiel Thailand to shape the ‘Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence’ exhibition, as a part of Central’s 70 th Anniversary Celebrations. This is, in fact, the second time the famed Italian artist has united with Central, following the leading department store’s 60 th anniversary event.

Originally from Orvieto in Italy, Arianna traversed between Rome, New York, Miami and Bangkok, earning herself a doctorate in Ancient Literature and Archaeology from the University of Rome. After serving as a set designer and art director for several brands, she began her journey as a painter, also in Rome, under the tutorage of Fortunato del Tavano and at various arts institutes. Arianna launched her own art studio in New York before her work was noticed by Gene Moore, the artistic director at TIFFANY & Co. He asked her to produce some paintings for the store, leading arts to practically become her main career.

“I believe that communication is done textually and visually. Artistic communication can be accessible. It is not necessarily sophisticated or hard to see. Abstract art itself is open to interpretation. Right now, I am in the process of producing an artistic book with the unison of pictures and words to create a multidimensional communication about my own artistic journey,” muses Arianna.
“As for flowers, I feel that they are miraculous in that they can communicate with everyone. Just open your mind and embrace their beauty and they will be ingrained in the depth of your heart. Flowers can connect you with the spiritual world and bring a great healing power to your soul.”

Arianna pursued her own dreams throughout the years and presented her works and projects globally. She spent time to become acquainted with the unique elegance of each country she visited across Europe, the United States and in Southeast Asia. The artist is particularly fond of Thailand where she has visited regularly. Several pieces of her work were inspired by this country, and a sizable number of Thai people are familiar with her work like the ‘Flora Miracle’ project for the 60 th anniversary event for Central in 2007.

For the ‘Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence’ exhibition, more than 30 pieces of her work will be displayed for the public on Level G, Central Embassy. Arianna herself will be present in the Artist’s Loft to work her magic on canvas for everyone to experience. 6 outfits have also been designed with her art to be on show, in addition to her other exhibits. Commenting on this, she reveals, “I
am interested to know how it would be if people can wear the beauty of art. That is why I had certain paintings printed on fabrics for cutting into dresses. It is like a walking art, if you will.”

Arianna generously allowed the use of patterns from her paintings, to create special edition shawls and tote bags especially for the 70 th anniversary of Central Department Store. The special edition fabric tote bags (32x40x10 cm) are offered at the price of 990 Baht. Meanwhile, the special edition chiffon shawl (140×140 cm) is priced at 1,990 Baht. Each is limited to 2,000 pieces and available to purchase at the exhibition at Central Embassy and at the Gift Exchange Counter, 2 nd floor, Central Chidlom. A part of all proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause.

The ‘Arianna Caroli: Artist in Residence’ exhibition at Central Embassy, Level G is open to the public, for free, from 7 th to 18 th February, 2018. Arianna herself will be working in the Artist’s Loft daily from 4.00 – 8.00 pm. Apart from the display of more than 30 paintings and printed outfits featuring pattern from her paintings, the artist will lead workshops to inspire participants on the 11 th , 17 th and 18 th February at 11.00am and 2.00pm. The subject of the workshops will range from book covers and acrylic painting, to teddy bear clothing. Only 20 individuals can be admitted per session. To make a reservation, please contact the Concierge, Level G, Central Embassy or call 02-119- 7777, extension 2001-3 for more information.

Source: https://www.tourismthailand.org/What-news/detail/Artist-in-Residence%E2%80%99-exhibition-from-7-18-February-at-Central-Embassy–2842


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