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Improving public health through natural medicine

Blackmores spearheaded the natural health industry in Australia and has set an unequalled standard, consistently combining the best of nature and science to deliver natural medicine products that help people achieve optimum health.
The company was founded more than 85 years ago by Maurice Blackmore, who was a naturopath and a pioneer. He made it his life’s work to provide people with natural health solutions.

A series of firsts

Maurice Blackmore developed some of the first naturopathic products in the country and opened one of Australia’s first health food stores and naturopathic clinics. In addition, he published the first consumer and industry journals and established the nation’s first naturopathic education facility. He also established a number of educational bodies, and to honour and continue this commitment to education, the Maurice Blackmore Research Foundation was established in 1983.

The Foundation’s initial communique noted, ‘The outcome of research and education undertaken by the Foundation should benefit the community as a whole and we see the Foundation as being largely the extension of his visions.’ As the use of natural medicine continues to rise, the industry needs to remain at the forefront of knowledge on the evidence, efficacy, safety and quality of natural medicine and its effective integration with other modalities. It is from this need that the Blackmores Institute was established, representing yet another first in the history of the company.

Our heritage

The Blackmores Institute is the academic and professional arm of Blackmores established to support and drive an evidence based approach to natural medicine. It focus is on research and education; our primary purpose is to improve the quality use of natural medicine by translating the evidence base into practical healthcare education, resources and advisory services.

Its team includes researchers, academics, healthcare professionals and communicators, working together to promote the quality use of natural medicines through:

• Research funding
• Education programs
• Healthcare professional advisory services
• Research symposia and conferences
• Interactions guidelines
• News and research updates
• Systematic reviews
• Academic projects.

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