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The fully equipped indoor playground known as Harborland sails into Bangkok

AFTER ALMOST two years of keeping kids of all ages happy for hours on end first in Pattaya, then in Sri Racha and Ubon Ratchatani, Harborland, the largest indoor playground in Thailand, has now brought the fun to Bangkok, opening the first Bangkok branch at Fashion Island shopping complex.

The safe indoor playground is both comfortable and stress free for parents though they might find themselves crawling on all fours as they follow their little ones into child-sized spaces.

The new venue is divided into four zones: an indoor playground called simply Harborland, Laser Battle, Roller Land, and Little Bike.

Staff have all been trained to operate the playthings effectively and safely, so mums and dads can rest assured that their little darlings are in good hands.

And in a move that’s unique to the Bangkok branch, Haborland’s owner LT Group, a leading real estate developer in Eastern Thailand has joined with Verasu Group’s Vista Cafe to offer kids and their families healthy snacks and drinks in the new shoe-free and clean playground.

Prakarn Nokhong, owner and managing director of LT Group, tells Explore that he wanted to keep the same successful concept for his latest playground, which is specifically designed for the three to 13 year olds and invites all family members to spend quality time together.

“Our experience with Harborland in Pattaya has underlined our confidence in the international safety standards of our play structures such as the slides and climbing stations. Our installations are imported from SPI Global from Sweden, Play Installation from Slovakia, and Zone Laser Tag from Australia, with a total investment of Bt100 million,” he says.

“I’ve invited Vista Cafe to join us to complete the mission. I’ve known the family for a long time and Witara Roongtanapirom is like a sister to me. I’m delighted that she’s decided to come on board. A healthy diet is one of the family’s main concerns these days and Vista is the perfect place to teach children about quality diets and organic food.”

Witara adds that she named the new branch Vista Cafe Kids and Family to further underscore the brand’s healthy and tasty philosophy. “Since launching Verasu, Vista Cafe and Vista Kitchen, we have never let our customers down and have always promoted the idea of eating right for your blood type. We also introduced the spelt flour bakery to Thailand. Our aim is to gradually instil nutrition knowledge in the little ones,” she says.

“For the menu, we focus on high-quality ingredients such as organic jasmine rice, spelt buns and bread, free-range eggs, chicken and pork sausages from a trusted supplier, and organic vegetables, as well as sugar-free ice cream.”

Noting that kids grow up fast these days and at best, will only have 10 years of playing experience at Haborland before growing out of it, Prakarn stresses the importance of concentrating on the physical and mental development of young children.

“An indoor playground is an invitation for kids to enjoy their own space in this grown-up world,” he says.


>> A three-hour session is free for children aged 12 months and those measuring less than 80 cm. Tickets for kids between 80 cm -100 cm in height is Bt280 and for those taller than 100 cm up to 13 years of age, admission is Bt380. Tickets for adults cost Bt140 and the elderly get in for free.

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