Thailand’s transport authorities are engaging overdrive to prepare for the annual exodus of holidaymakers from the Thai capital over the Christmas and New Year weeks.

Authorities confirmed 9,000 additional daily bus trip will be arranged to ferry more than 198,000 daily passengers during the festive season week.

The busiest days will be from 28 to 30 December when daily passenger traffic will increase by 2,400 trips from around an average of 6,200 trips daily during the rest of the year.

From 2 January to January 3, 2018, authorities said passenger traffic will rise from  6,238 daily trips, to around 8,000.

Safety features will be installed ensuring buses are monitored by a GPS system and that speed controls will be fitted to buses to limit the speed to 80 kph.

According to the Department of Land Transport all buses will be required to have two drivers on routes longer than 400 km.

Drivers will have to comply with three safety measures introduced by the Ministry of Transport.

They are: Buses must drive within the stipulated speed limits, headlights must be turned on for daylight driving, and seat belts must be worn by the driver and all passengers.

Traffic police have been instructed to increase spot checks on bus drivers for alcohol or drug abuse.

Transport authorities warned travellers to beware of fraudsters who sell counterfeit bus tickets. Customers can buy bus tickets at 12,000 7-Eleven outlets across the country.





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