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‘DONAIRE Y ESPLENDOR’ (‘Grace & Splendour’), PANAMA, 2017
Directed by Arturo Montenegro
1 Hr 36 Mins
SATURDAY, 28 APRIL, at 4 pm

Our next film is from Panama, and we are proud that this is the first time a movie from this country is being screened not just in Thailand, but in S.E. Asia! It is an exclusive screening of one of the newest films from the country, which has won many audiences’ hearts.

This is ‘DONAIRE Y ESPLENDOR’, a film that splendidly portrays the beauty, energy, and variety of this unique country, with its lush beaches, mountains, lively cityscapes, not to forget passionate people and stunning Carnival spirits. Panama has a Carnival that is almost as pulsating as Brazil, and the film offers ample proof of that.

The preparations are mega, even in the small town of Las Tablas, where the film is set. Feathers, crystals, costumes, crowns, as also pageants, floats, fireworks. And finally, even cryptic poetry and nasty satire about the rival groups, families- and

The film centres around the rivalry between the residents of ‘Up Street’ and ‘Down Street’, each headed by Carnival Queens who hate each other. A major crisis erupts in the town, when the sultry daughter and the handsome son of the rival ‘streets’ fall passionately in love with each other. The matter has to be resolved, and this happens dramatically, during the peak Carnival period. It’s not for nothing that the movie has been called ‘The Romeo and Juliet Carnival Comedy!’

The drama has a large and assorted range of colorful characters, plenty of fun, action, melodrama, ribald humor, in a film that is both a social comedy and a sumptuous entertainer.


The Wrap: ‘The funniest Latin comedy of the year!’ Miami Film Festival: ‘A joyously irreverent rom-com that plunges us headlong into the collective madness of Carnival.’

The screening of ‘DONAIRE Y ESPLENDOR’ is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Panama, who will serve Snacks and Drinks, after the screening. We are happy at the Embassy’s initiative to screen the first-ever Panama film in Bangkok! Ambassador of Panama, HE Ms Maria del Carmen Martinez will introduce the film.

Film Auditorium will open at 3:00 pm
Entry Fee: 20 B

For Reservations:
Online Register: https://goo.gl/forms/GdZmHeYIqp6ys5HR2
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