‘Contemporary World Film Series’ at TK Park
Next film, in OCTOBER
‘VEVE’, KENYA, 94 Mins, directed by Simon Mukali, on SUNDAY
1 OCTOBER, at 4 pm.

This Kenyan-German film is the fourth production of a collaboration between well-known German Director Tom Tykwer, his wife Marie Steinmann, their company One Fine Day Films and Kenyan production-house Ginger Ink.
Kenyan director Simon Mukali has made many TV films and docu dramas, and uses this experience to present a tough subject and a multitude of characters with honesty and intensity, in Veve, which offers a microcosmic portrait of the macrocosmic levels of Kenya’s social landscape.
At the center of the drama, is the politician Amos who uses power and money for his personal and political ambitions, his business-rival Wadu who wants to destroy him, his right-hand man Sammy who is worried about his 12 year old son’s drug-addiction, his beautiful wife Esther who is disillusioned by the games he plays, the ex-convict Kenzo who is seeking revenge on Amos for the death of his father and is drawn to his wife Esther instead, the old farmer Mzee who wants to start a union, the White journalist Clint who wants to help.
And over all this, is the ‘Veve’ plant, the mild narcotic that is grown wildly in the country, produces pleasure to many people, and plenty of money to others. Infact the film is set in the village of Maua where the veve plant is richly grown, and shifts to Nairobi where it is sold and makes many people rich.
And so, the film covers multi-issues- politics, drugs, marriage, family, business, the rural-urban divide- with power and insight. An important line in the film, which in a way, is the theme-line of the story, is ‘Truths reveal themselves too late.’
The film has a great cast- ‘Esther’ is actress Lizz Njagah is one of the best-known in the region who has done TV films in many African countries, politician Amos is actor Lowry Odhiambo who is very well known too, and who calls Veve the ‘pinnacle’ of his acting career. Also calling Veve ‘one of the highlights of my life’ is popular model-designer Emo Rugene, making his debut in films as Kenzo.
The film created waves at festivals in Europe and Africa, and drew large audiences in the African countries, where it won many awards.

What the Critics Said:
end Film: An exciting thriller!
Kino-zeit De: ‘Veve’ is a remarkable talent-test for a young Kenyan director.
Screen Anarchy: It boasts handsome production values.