If you hadn’t already noticed while trying out cooking Thai food at home, all Thai dishes require a few of the same main ingredients for each different recipe. With these ingredients, you can cook any Thai dish you’ve ever known and, of course, with a mix of different vegetables and meats. The most common assailants are: sugar, salt, chilli, lime (or lemon) – and a Thai dish wouldn’t be a Thai if it’s missing that signature flavour – fish sauce. Without fish sauce… well, it wouldn’t be authentically Thai. The variation comes with the quantities of these ingredients for each creation and the methods of cooking such as frying, steaming or mixing salad. So there you have it: cooking Thai food is much more simple than you’d think. Plus, you only need a few choice ingredients to store in your fridge or the kitchen to begin with. If you haven’t already, try out one of Thailand’s many cooking classes. You’ll soon realise for yourself that Thai dishes are so, so quick and easy to prepare if you fancy cooking at home. It could be a fun hobby.

Source: https://expatlifeinthailand.com/travel-and-leisure/art-and-culture/surprising-fact-about-cooking-thai-food/


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