One of the best songs of all time is the Everly Brothers song, All I have To Do Is Dream (whenever I want you all I have to do is dream, dream, dream).

Well, I’ve been humming that song ever since I stepped into the grand opening of the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa last week. Please, don’t wake me up!

Chris Comer, CEO, Castlewood Group has created a dream of a resort. From the minute you step into the reception area, you feel like you’ve been transported into another world. You become one of the beautiful people and you fall in love all over again. This is the place for complete relaxation; a couples’ playground; the perfect place to escape from the real world.

Your eyes are instantly drawn to the massive beach beds floating on the crystal blue pool and the bright white in-pool lounge chairs. Give me a drink in one hand, a good juicy book in the other, and I’m not moving! Then, just as you’re being lulled into a near catatonic state, your eyes lock into the one-man-show going on at the swim-up pool bar where the bartender is flipping cocktail mixers and champagne glasses for one of the best signature cocktails on the island. Let the fun begin!

Sexy, spicy Latin music starts drifting down from another pool, high above you on the rooftop of the four-story boutique hotel. Like a true dream, your mind quickly shifts to a massive, shear wall of verdant green vines contrasting with brilliant white walls, overhanging balconies, and water, water everywhere. Sky Pool Suites are scattered along the top floor with the perfect birds-eye view of all the activity below. Massive Executive Pool Villas have 3 bedrooms, private pool of course, and fully equipped kitchens where a chef will come in and prepare your meals for you, if you so desire. After all, it is your dream!

I’ve got to confess, I measure hotel luxury by the beds, bathrooms, and spas – the Dream Phuket Resort & Spa Although I didn’t have time to indulge in the Sanctuary Spa, it had all the makings of a first-class experience. The 5 natural elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood were reflected in the relaxing décor and our gift packages did include a take home Sparkling Makeover Mask from LING of New York. If their treatments are anything like this fresh, soothing mask, I will be back for more.

Speaking of indulgence, there was a great cigar lounge called Indulge that took me totally by surprise. Hidden down a lush garden pathway, I opened the doors and inhaled the musky smell of leather, cigars, and quality wine. My dream immediately shifted to a whole other level. The only way I can describe it is – sensual.

The Dream team, led by General Manager Regina Salzman, did an excellent job welcoming each guest with an offer of specialty cocktails or wine and an incredible array of food. I especially loved the lettuce wraps served in the Executive Suite. Our hostess took a pinch of this and a dash of that, and right before our eyes created a lettuce ball that burst with flavor on my tongue. I feasted a bit too long at the cheese buffet in the Indulge lounge, but it was so good!

Another must visit on a return trip will be the signature restaurant, Trilogy. Trilogy features Michelin Star inspired menus with modern Thai, classical Tuscan, and contemporary European designed cuisine. If their fare is anything like the grand opening samples, you are in for a gastronomical delight. I can’t wait to return.

Just when you think the dream can’t get any better, it does. Here’s the piece de resistance. Dream Hotel & Spa has renovated the old Nikki Beach Club on Layan Beach and renamed it Dream Beach Club. You thought you were dreaming before?! Wow! Dream Beach Club is the ultimate day at the beach. Located just a short 5 minute shuttle from the hotel, Dream Beach Club is where the laid-back, party-pumping, beautiful natural scenery, inspiring design and architecture, endless smorgasbord of awesome food and smashing libations cumulates in to – your dream – a never ending summer. This is the adult version of Disneyland where all your dreams come true. Their Sunday brunches are legendary – make sure you have a reservation. The décor of bright white and yellow umbrellas contrasting with the gigantic labyrinths of swimming pools seemingly drifting beyond the lofty swaying palm trees into the never-ending blue horizon of the Andaman Sea will soothe you deeper into that dream state. But then, like the gentle nudge of a loving partner, you will awaken to the sounds of the lively music, see the beautiful sun bronzed people in their tiny bikinis, terry cloth robes or caftans billowing in the breeze, and know it’s party time! A perfect ending to a perfect dream!

So tonight, before you go to sleep, put this article under your pillow as a reminder to make reservations at the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa. Sweet Dreams!

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