Shared office spaces have become quite popular among young professionals. These smart work spaces garnered the interest of small businesses and freelancers as soon as they were introduced and the trend continues to grow. Thousands of office spaces have been opened to accommodate those looking for cost-effective professional set ups and several more are expected to open in the next few years. If you are hesitant to work at such a set up post the lockdown period then let us tell you that the owners are taking utmost care of the hygiene and cleanliness factor. Besides, the security systems have also been enhanced with the advancement in technology.  Let us take a closer look at these improvisations.

Absolute Cleanliness and Hygiene

If you are still operating from home to maintain social distancing because of the fear of contracting the novel coronavirus then it is time you should know that shared office spaces are as safe as your home. These spaces are being cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to keep all the surfaces including the office chairs, workstations, systems, doors and knobs free from germs and viruses. Most of them have opted for annual sanitization packages to ensure this activity takes place regularly and continually.

The office interiors have also been revamped to match the new norms that advocate social distancing. Workstations have been placed at adequate distance so that professionals can ensure social distancing with ease. Masks have become a mandate for entry at such places. Moreover, sanitizers have been installed at the entrance as well as various places inside the facility so that they can be used frequently to avoid the spread of the virus. Thermal screening is also being done at most places before allowing entry.

Advanced Security System

One of the reasons professionals look forward to shared office spaces for rent is that they allow the flexibility to choose your work hours. You can walk in and out of this facility anytime as per your convenience. Most of these operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to cater to the needs of various professionals. Key card based access control is being used by most such offices to ensure flexibility and convenience. However, these cards aren’t deemed as secure as they can be hacked easily. There is also a possibility of losing or misplacing these small cards. Besides, these are prone to technical issues. To curb all these issues, shared offices are making use of smartphone access that enables users to unlock these spaces using a mobile application. This has enhanced the security of these places.

Shared offices certainly offer a number of benefits. Innovative interiors and use of advanced technology enhances the experience of working in these offices. These places have been among the first to adopt COVID safety guidelines to ensure a safe environment. Advanced security systems have also been installed at many of these spaces and are expected to be installed at various others in the times to come.