Thailand has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for a very long time. The amazing resorts of this country have everything needed for a great vacation, and thus they attract more and more travelers each year. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make your travel in Thailand safe and positive in case you are coming to this wonderful place for the first time.

  1. Don’t take too many clothes with you. It would be hot to wear jeans even at night. Plus, clothing and hygiene products are cheap here, so you can always purchase them on the spot (as well as an umbrella and a raincoat). So take only light and comfortable clothes made from natural fabrics. And never take hookahs and electronic cigarettes with you, as they are prohibited by law in the territory of the whole country.

  1. Plan your way to and from your hotel in advance. It is not always easy to reach your hotel from the airport fast. For instance, if you arrive at Phuket Airport, be ready that local buses run at large intervals, and to some resorts, they don’t run at all. At night, they don’t operate, as well. Minibuses don’t leave until they are full (sometimes, waiting for that may take up to one hour). And if you are going to take a taxi, be ready to spend some time in a line. Also, not all taxi drivers speak English, so it might be difficult to explain to them where you need to go to. Therefore, if you want to reach your destination fast and with comfort, it would be reasonable to pre-book a private transfer with some official English-speaking service (for instance, you can do that here This will help you avoid lots of stress when you come to an unfamiliar country for the first time.

  1. Be careful with the sun. At daytime, the temperature in Thailand exceeds 30°C, and the heat is hardly bearable because of high humidity. So if you don’t take this seriously, you may get sunburnt and thus spoil your holidays. This may happen not only on the beach but also during a walk through the city. So always use sun creams with high protection (SPF 40 and more).

  1. Be careful with local food. Thai cuisine is very spicy. So if your stomach is not strong enough, always tell the waiter ‘No spicy’ when ordering something in a restaurant. Also, try to avoid raw vegetables and fresh salads, as they may be washed in dirty water. Besides, don’t eat raw crabs and mollusks. On the street, eat only that food which was cooked in front of you.

  1. Be friendly and polite to local people. Thai people are very calm and don’t like quarreling at all. So avoid high intonation, active gestures, and loud laughter. Stay modest and smile often. And never touch locals with your hands, as this is considered extremely bad manners.

  1. Respect local traditions. Thus, always treat Buddhist relics carefully. When visiting temples, take off your shoes and cover your shoulders and knees with clothing. Never climb Buddha statues or lean against them. Also, never speak about the Thai royal family members with disrespect. Even a harmless joke about them can lead you to jail. The images of monarchs (for instance, on banknotes) should also be treated properly.

Have a nice trip!