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Recapture your passion

Jin Wellbeing County is a completely redefined retirement experience – where your dreams can come to life again. Discover a boundless lifestyle within a community that is well crafted for seniors and life planners who are looking for quality of life in their retirement years.

Here, age has no limitations, with services and facilities that allow you to focus on doing what you love. Meet like-minded residents and enjoy activities on their breathtaking landscape or easily shop at the retail mall close by. Have fun and enjoy life the way it should be done: where every day is always filled with delight, comfort and soul.

Jin Wellbeing County is a world class living experience created by the Thonburi Healthcare Group, widely renowned for their healthcare services with over 40 years of expertise.

The ultimate living environment
You’ll be living right in the lungs of downtown Bangkok – amid expansive parks that make up 50% of the 55.35 acre property. Conveniently located on Phaholyothin Road, Jin Wellbeing County is a short distance to Don Muang Airport and connects to SRT Dark Red Line*. Shopping centres, local markets, universities, government offices and a golf club are also just a stones throw away.
*(future projects according to government masterplan).

The ultimate senior facility designed with universal design philosophy

An understanding and appreciation for the beauty of life drives the empathetic design choices at Jin Wellbeing County. Created by Thomson Adsett, an award winning design and architect for retirement homes, all the design and material choices are centred around your wellbeing and safety. The interiors follow universal design principles to ensure that the furniture and other designed elements are simple and easily adaptable to each resident’s preference. All family members can live harmoniously and equipment for seniors can be conveniently and safely installed in the future.

The architecture is designed with the passive ecology at heart, where reduced energy usage is achieved through breezy ventilation and natural lighting. Calming streams run through the entire public areas, which are designed to provide shade and flows of cool breeze that circulate to all buildings. Moreover, there is also a highly secure water management system for flood protection as previously seen in 2011.

The ultimate senior healthcare services

Life can be all about happiness and fun with health woes off your back. At Jin Wellbeing County, healthcare is simplified with their all around services. Prevention: Their health evaluation provides each resident with a clear picture of their health. With professional consultation and recommendations, residents can better understand and care for their bodies by following tailored dietary plans and wellness activity classes.

Treatment: Live with a carefree mindset thanks to the ‘on premises’ general clinic (OPD) and emergency response team. Rest assured that you are able to be treated at home and safeguarded at all times. Recovery: Get active again with the rehabilitation hospital and hydrotherapy programmes available. Long term care: Keep tabs on your recovery process and enjoy a personal approach to ongoing good health from their team of medical specialists at the aged care and nursing
home. If more intensive care is required their team of doctors and nurses are ready to help maintain your wellbeing.

The ultimate safety and security systems

Let unforeseen accidents and your medical issues be the least of your worries. Jin Wellbeing County strongly commits to safeguarding the community and its residents. Their personal tracking system and emergency response team is on standby 24/7, as alert systems are installed in each room and across the community.

Highly secure control systems and keycards protect the premises entrances at every gate and lift, where security officers are present at all times. 24/7 CCTV monitoring and smoke detectors are implemented across the community, while fire protection halls are built on every floor*. *(no need to go downstairs while seeking and waiting for help, as it offers protection for 3 hours).

The ultimate society that enriches – through learning and sharing

Retirement never meant the end of learning. Every day is a chance to satisfy your curiosities and to complete all the passion projects you never got around to. Meet new friends, seek inspiration and light new fires with the centres workshops and classes. Each is designed to uncover your full potential and renew your sense of self-appreciation. Learn a new instrument or try a new recipe! Learn how to paint, decorate, and even dance. If you still want to work it, everyone can start earning a stipend by turning your favourite pastime passions into classes for fellow residents.

The ultimate lifestyle amenities and facilities

Enjoy and relish in family activities specially designed for seniors and people of all ages. Experience the joy of shared
activities with loved ones and new friends made possible by the wide range of peerless amenities and world class facilities.
Pets are also welcomed!

Indoor facilities managed by juristic person
– Swimming pool

– Prayer room
– Fitness centre

– Games and activities room
– Karaoke and mini theatre

– First aid room
– Recreation and multipurpose room

Outdoor facilities managed by Premiere Home Health Care Co., Ltd.*
– Planting area – Park for pets – Lagoon
– Jogging track – Bike lane – Wheelchair lane
– Outdoor activity space
– Outdoor fitness
– Stone path for foot massage

Services for clubhouse members
– Prayer room – Kids zone – Hydrotherapy
– Swimming pool

– Thai massage room
– Fitness centre – Computer and reading corner
– Karaoke and mini theatre

– Games room
– Recreation and multipurpose room
– Spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room

Shops and additional services in the community
– Restaurants

– Convenience store
– Salon and barber – Cleaning service
– Laundry service

– Event organising service
– Butler service

– Mealplan service
– Shuttle bus service

Enrich your life with our facilities and services all offered by our team of professionals. Everything is more convenient than ever with additional services such as property management, home moving services, visa application, travel management and legal services.
*(Owned and managed by Premiere Home Health Care Co., Ltd. right of servitude)

The ultimate investment opportunity

Jin Wellbeing County offers incredible value as a long term investment due to its clear financial and life benefits.
This is an investment ideal for future buy-and-sell opportunities or as rental businesses, thanks to its prime location near the Dark Red SRT Line and new MEGA Projects in its proximity. Most importantly, it’s an investment for the priceless joy and wellbeing of our dearest loved ones.

It is a redefined experience of retirement, one where dreams can come to life again and all worries are left behind. Let yourself and your family live the good life in this enhanced living experience, made possible by tailored services and amenities, stunning architecture and top of the line healthcare systems. This is the truly world class living experience you’ve been waiting for.

9 reasons to retire in Thailand

• 1st most cost effective country – Thailand has gained fame as the best place for expats seeking an improved quality of life with minimum expenses.
• The weather – Tropical Thailand is blessed with warm weather throughout the year.
• The best food every day and everywhere – Thailand has a variety of food from all corners of the world. From affordable street food to fine dining, the menus here are endless.
• The culture – Thai people are renowned for being very friendly. They’ll be happy to see you and help you out.
• The best leisure destination in Asia-Pacific – There’s a great number of recreation and leisure options for everyone and the living facilities are amazingly affordable.
• An international nightlife scene – Enjoy a dynamic nightlife thanks to Thailand’s cosmopolitan and international environment from all lifestyle’s level of your choices.
• Hospitals like hotels – Thailand is one of the top rank medical hubs of Asia for those looking for first class care at affordable prices.
• Departure hub of Asia – The unique geographical location of Thailand makes SE Asia accessible and only a short flight away.
• Retirement visa – Thailand’s retirement visa has very few basic requirements to support an expat who is willing to retire in Thailand.
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