It seems that these days the most important thing about your stay in an exclusive hotels is ensuring that you have got an Instagram photo of it. Instagram recently revealed which hotels feature the most and seven are in Las Vegas.

  1. Marina Bay Sands: Singapore

The largest hotel in Singapore features the most thanks, in the main part, to its triple towers and extraordinarily large terrace and pool. Indeed, many of the images are taken here but perhaps the most impressive are the ones taken at the terrifying rooftop pool, cantilevered over the city below.

  1. Bellagio: Las Vegas

Known for its elegance, The Bellagio comes second in the list and who is surprised? After all, it has its famous casino, photogenic fountains and has people like Frank Sinatra.

  1. The Venetian: Las Vegas

The Venetian has a mini St Mark’s Square amongst other design to replicate Venice. It even has gondola rides and canal-filled shopping malls – not to mention the casino.

  1. Atlantis The Palm: Dubai

Popular thanks to its vast array of luxury restaurants, boutique shops it has hosted the rich famous from around the globe. Its Royal Bridge Suite, meanwhile, is a photogenic marvel, with panoramic views and a Majestic Lounge with elegant furniture.

  1. MGM Grand: Las Vegas

It may be the iconic Golden Lion or the fact that it is the largest hotel in the US. It has outdoor pools, river, fountain and of course the huge casino. It has also hosted some of biggest boxing fights of all time.

  1. The Cosmopolitan: Las Vegas

Often described as ‘sexy’, the hotel which launched in 2010 has more of a boutique feels. The Cromwell often appears in Instagram photos, especially if the snapper likes cocktails.

  1. Wynn: Las Vegas

Popular for weddings, The Wynn naturally is an unsurprising choice. The Lake of Dreams is popular along with other areas of this slightly ‘posher’ hotel.

  1. Caesars Palace: Las Vegas

Famous acts have performed here such as Evil Knievel and Celine Dion but the fake roman statues and the mall and casino seem to appear the most.

  1. Fontainebleau: Miami Beach

With its palm tree-lined pools and sunset views, while film lovers will recognise it from such movies as Goldfinger and The Bodyguard, it is often the staircase that attracts some of the most attention.

  1. Paris: Las Vegas

Last but by now means least, the Paris with its fake Eiffel Tower giving stunning views of the Bellagio’s fountains and Gordon Ramsey restaurant, you can see why it makes the list.



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