Emirates do like to go that extra mile for their passengers and they have recently launched their fantastic first-class suites on some of their Boeing 777s. The suites which have been inspired by Mercedes Benz, are said to be the first fully enclosed suites and are a spacious 40 square feet in size. The private rooms feature “zero-gravity” seats, virtual windows, and active noise cancelling E1 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins developed for exclusively for Emirates

The luxurious rooms also includes a pair of Safari binoculars, an entertainment system featuring 2,500 channels and wireless remote, a super-wide 32-inch full HD LCD TV (Emirates says it’s the largest widescreen digital touch TV in the world on any aircraft), and custom-controlled mood lighting and climate allowing passengers to adjust the cabin’s temperature to 18 to 26 degrees Celsius.

The middle aisle cabins are windowless as you would expect but that doesn’t mean that guests miss out on the views. Emirates have thought of that and installed virtual windows that show HD views from real-time cameras mounted on the plane. The views can be enjoyed from the “buttery-soft” leather seats that are said to remove all pressure from the elbows, back and neck.

The Boeing 777 contains a total of six suites, all of which have floor to ceiling doors, curtains and a service window. There is also a video call function that allows passengers to call for room service. As you would expect, a complimentary chauffeur if provided at your destination that is, of course, a Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Emirates calls the suites a “hotel in the sky” and I’m inclined to agree, given the opulence. But to be fair I’d expect the best, given the millions Emirates spent upgrading its cabins. If you want to see for yourself how the super-rich fly, there’s a video of a nice man named Doyle who takes you through all the features you’ll probably never experience.



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