“ No one is born smart, athletic, or artistic but if you choose to be open-minded, kind, positive, and hard-working, you will succeed. These are the ideal traits of an ABS student” a powerful statement that defines the animating purpose of one’s school. This mission alignment was absolutely marked in my mind and soul after I left the American School of Bangkok grounds during my first and last visit of the school during their HIP-HOP SUKHIMVIT FAIR last February 4, 2017.

The school has built an amazing diverse community that promotes engagement with others through colorful face painting, hands-on games for both children and parents and showing off the juggling prowess in dancing and singing of different students. While others are delighted in planning, initiating and transmitting the universal language of kindness by showing her smile and prodding questions such as “How was the event or “Are you coming back next year?”, my own included. And I just simply said, I may or may not coming back but I’m pretty sure your culture will continue to replicate to the next generation because you don’t just simply showed me how it looks like but you also showed me how it feels like. And it means a lot to me. Thank you”

From that setting, you can really see the favorable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, skills, passion and even opinions. I mean, I am a Filipino but she treated me the way I wanted to and that’s one thing I want the kids have to learn as an educator as well that they can make their intelligence into a character not simply based on thinking and reasoning but also knows how to ignite his/her non-cognitive skills that are related to individual’s personality, temperament and attitude. At the very least, we have a better idea how these skills are essential to one’s student success in the future. Because having the highest IQ in the crowd doesn’t always guarantee success in life. There is a famous quote by Salvador Dali: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” The meaning of quote is simple: you can be genius but if you don’t have any path which you can follow then you are nothing more than any
ordinary person. For example, being a genius does not guarantee that you will be financially stable enough to pursue your education but GRITTY people succeed because of their perseverance and passion on everything that they do and that’s supreme as someone who is foreign like me.

Plus, the entire community was a sort of unity in diversity. It’s about collaboration and connecting people instead of competition. And I know collaboration is not always a concept that is greeted with open arms. Educators who have had success working in isolation may view this process as an invasion of their pedagogy and a waste of time. But for educators who continue to collaborate, they begin to see the positive side to collaboration. Teams begin to see
an increase in productivity, interpersonal relationships improve, and meetings begin to focus on achieving consensus through shared input. Kudos to the teaching and support staff at American School of Bangkok for a job well-done.

And I hope all schools should be like this, wherein we treat LITERACY AND CREATIVTY as equals, considering that we are now living in the world of technology, wherein we need more creative and innovation skills for us to connect as a whole nation instead of dividing us. Because the world is changing so fast that we tend to forget what’s the true meaning of technology that shaped the world we live in. “ I feel the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” to quote Albert Einstein. At the end of the celebration, the idea of recognizing students’ experiences and success outside the classroom are integral to their education and holistic development. In every way, the shared experiences with their teachers and peers, students learn about teamwork and leadership and these all-important opportunities to foster relationships, trust and mutual respect. Through a variety of signature events, students are given the opportunities to acquire self-awareness, develop potential and realize aspirations.

So if you have the desire or opportunity to work with an international or multicultural organization – seize it! It can open up the world to you in more ways than you think! And if you want your children to experience the multinational opportunities, enroll your child in a diverse community because you are sending him abroad without a passport or an airline ticket.


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