These words are said by maestro Alberto Firrincieli from Sicily and maestro Jacopo Gianninoto from Padua, Italy. These are two musicians, who both have found their way to Bangkok.

I had the pleasure to meet Alberto for the first time, when we were both guests at the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Bangkok. Alberto is a pianist, harpsichord player, composer and scholar. He started at the age of eight to play piano.

He has dedicated himself to performance alongside the study of music pedagogy, proposing a healthy approach to music practice, against the popular routine based on a mere reading of the notes and on mechanical repetitions without any understanding of music.

During his years in Bangkok, he has founded the IKA-International Keyboard Academy in Thailand and he is also
the artistic director of “Bangkok International Piano Festival”. Alberto graduated in piano at the age of twenty.

He also graduated in Harpsichord and composition. He has attended a four year course “Ars et Labor, an advanced piano
and chamber music course with Christa Butzberger.

Jacopo is a dedicated lutenist, guitarist and composer. He has published a series of books of transactions of ancient music for the lute, Baroque guitar and Theorbo (a plucked string instrument of the lute family). His published work includes a revision of the Vivaldi’s Concerto per due Violini Luto e Basso RV93 etc.

Alberto and Jacopo met the first time in Bangkok 2008 and it was their huge interest in the “traditional European music” that brought them together. Both musicians have more than 10 years of music studies and Master degrees. Today both are teaching at the Assumption University, close to Suvarnabhumi airport.

I had to ask, if they think that young Thai’s have a real interest in European classic music and the answer was; there are many Thai students interested in classic, traditional music from Europe and they seem to be very attracted to our classic music and our way of performing. Both maestros are trying to explain and teach how people used to play and perform many hundred’s of years ago. Alberto and Jacopo are pioneers when it comes to using original instruments from the historical period.

When they don’t teach, they are organising concerts in and around Bangkok. Both are big fans of the Baroque music and enjoy playing with original instruments. They have had several concerts at the Thai Culture Center, at BACC, Art Galleries along Sukhumvit and at the RMA Institute in Bangkok, to mention just a few. The Italian embassy has also engaged them on several occasions.

I asked if they have any dream place there they would love to perform and Jacopo said; we like to perform anywhere where people are gathered who understand and love music. Our music shall go directly into the heart of our audience, that’s our goal and dream.

I was also curious to find out about their favourite composers and Alberto has at least three; Frescobaldi, Brahms and Beethoven. Jacopo first mentioned Bach and Giovanni Maria da Crema, a lute composer and Monteverdi.

“Everywhere you go, there are always obstacles in your daily life, but not that serious that you can’t overcome them.”

I was interested in finding out if they have been facing any obstacles here in Thailand and both shook their heads saying, “everywhere you go, there are always obstacles in your daily life, but not that serious that you can’t overcome them”. They didn’t even mention the heavy traffic that most people start to complain about. Both seemed very satisfied with their lives in Thailand and their music. I have a feeling they live and breathe music …..

Alberto is married to a Chinese Taiwanese woman who he met when she studied music in Italy. She’s a cello player and a singer and the couple used to play concerts together, but since their son saw the daylight, she has been more focusing on motherhood. They have a six year old son, who attends the Thai Chinese International School in Bang Phli who also shows interest in music and enjoys playing.

Jacopo is married to a Thai woman, who is a famous fashion designer abroad and Jacopo pointed out that next to his music, he is also his wife’s personal agent and he has helped her to develop her brand internationally and to manage her Paris showroom.

They have no children, but an Italian greyhound born in Thailand and answering to the name of Anubis.

Any goals and dreams for the future, I couldn’t resist asking; Alberto rapidly answered that he had fulfilled most of his dreams and that he is happy as long as he can do what he does and that he and his family stay healthy.

Jacopo pointed out that his goal is to make classic music cool again, something that everyone of every age will be happy to listen to or to play.

I am sure we will hear much about these two dedicated, music lovers in the future. Keep your eyes open and find out where they will play in the near future and see if you will find classic music trendy and cool like those two men do.


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