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1 Hr 10 Mins
Directed by Claude Barras
Kind Courtesy: Embassy of Switzerland


We are delighted to screen an animation film for the first time, in our Film Series. It is the most talked-about animation film from Switzerland, which created a huge impact and got the country’s Oscar nomination, both for Best Feature Film and Best Animation Feature, in 2016! Based on a well-known book ‘My Life as a Courgette’ by Gilles Paris, debut director Claude Barras said that his aim in the movie, was ‘To make a film about children, that speaks to them about abuse, and its remedies, in today’s world.’

It is the ‘remedies’ that uplift this animation film for adults. It portrays a bunch of children from dysfunctional families, who are placed in a foster home, and who slowly bond together, trying to find happiness beneath their rough and tough lives. Their saucer-like eyes and expressive faces enlarge their emotions, and make these animated figures, larger-than-life characters. The protagonist of the film, is a child names Icare who loves to be called ‘Courgette’ (his mother’s nickname for him), and loves to doodle with his crayons.

After he accidentally pushes his drunken mother down the steps, Courgette is put in a foster home by a kindly police office Raymond. He is taunted by the bully Simon, who has come from a dysfunctional background, like all the children in the home. But Courgette’s emotions change when a new girl Camille joins the foster home, and he bonds with her. Slowly the group of kids connect with each other, through picnics, parties, diversionary activities.

Courgette regularly sends drawings to Raymond, who begins to form an affection for the boy, and wants to adopt him. Simon and the group of kids encourage him to move to a real home, and the ending is bitter-sweet, as they realize that they must part. The film has been screened at top film festivals like Cannes, and moved critics and audiences around the world.


Sight & Sound : A joyful cartoon about damaged children.
Guardian: This beautifully tender and empathetic film addresses kids and adults alike in clear and compassionate tones that span, and perhaps heal, generations.
Christian Science Monitor: The film is a real rarity, made even more so by the fact that what has moved us so profoundly, is a bunch of pop-eyed plasticine figures.
The Second Film of RCB Film Club’s 2018 March Movie Series, is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland, who will serve Drinks and Snacks, after the screening.
This French language film (with English subtitles) is the Swiss contribution to the Month of the Francophonie that will be celebrated around the world in March.

Swiss Ambassador HE Ivo Sieber will introduce the film.

The movie-screening will be at Room No 201 (Second Floor) of River City Bangkok.
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