If you have children, taking them on a plane can be stressful as it is bound to be exciting whilst at the same disrupting their usual routine.

However, if you don’t have children the whole experience can still be annoying – especially if you happen to be sitting next to a little one who feels like being particularly disruptive.

There is no surprise then that some frequent flyers are sharing tips on ways that you can avoid sitting next to children, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the flight in relative peace and quiet.

For parents, these tips will also help to have intolerant people sitting around you, instead only those that empathise with your situation having – perhaps possibly been in a similar situation themselves in the past.

  1. Avoid bulkheads

Business Insider advises travellers to avoid bulkheads. The reason for this is quite simple, they are the only place on aircraft that a baby’s bassinet can be safely secured. It is in this area that you will find most of the aircraft’s youngest passengers.

  1. Aim for seats close to the exit

Toddlers and infants are not allowed to sit in these seats for safety reasons so this a great places to aim for is you want to stay as far away from screaming kids as possible!

  1. Choose your flight wisely

Try to aim for flights that are likely to have fewer children on. Nathan Shoesmith said: “Don’t book a ticket for a flight that is likely going to have kids on.

If you have flexibility of dates, book while the kids are at school, if not, try and book a flight at a bad time for families – say 1 o clock in the morning. Not an early morning’s person? Check into business class for a bit extra, and enjoy luxury with no screaming or annoying kids for as far as the eye can see.”

Another, Kate Gregory, suggested: “Try to choose flights that are more of a hassle for parents.”

  1. Swap with someone else

OK, things are getting desperate and you need to resort to bribery!

“Bring $20 – $50 cash. After you board, if you happen to be near a toddler, find a more preferable seat that seems to have a solo passenger in it, and make an attractive cash offer to the person who currently has that seat to switch with you.

“Be upfront with your reason for wanting to switch, as they will likely be suspicious otherwise.”

  1. As a last resort….

Buy to some noise-cancelling headphones and a positive attitude!


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