Seub Nakhasathien Foundation (SNF) was given a name that follows a well known and respected wildlife conservationist in Thailand.

Seub Nakhasathien was a hero when he was still alive and dedicated to his lifetimes work to be involved in various programmes to protect other lives, which included animals and plants not just human.

His hardwork continues and he is remembered for his kindness and his determination to save and protect the wildlife and forests to present day. The foundation’s programmes look out for any potential threat that could endanger numerous species of wildlife as well as to organise and conserve the habitats that are their homes.

SNF was established in September 1990 and for over 25 years, its mission has been to promote the protection and
conservation of wildlife and forest land in Thailand. It is protecting the forest complex, west of Thailand, an area of 18,730 sq km in 6 provinces along Myanmar’s border.

This consists of 2 UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites in Huai Kha Khaeng and Thungyai Naresuan.

They are a home to many endangered species of wildlife – tigers, tapirs, Asiatic wild dogs, banteng, gaur and many more. The foundation encourages the locals and villagers to utilise the community forest area in place of hunting and taking down wildlife and trees, respectively.

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