Dear Thailand Fanclub,

If you’ve ever visited Thailand and have some footages from your trip, don’t miss a chance to win our exclusive and unique prizes! Simply post your trip-in- Thailand footage on Facebook with a PUBLIC STATUS and add HASHTAGS #OpentotheNewShades #AmazingThailand. The winners will get our exclusive and unique prizes in exchange for the footage. Every footage will help Thailand to create the most diverse tourism film ever! Post your footage today! Thailand is waiting!

Terms and conditions of the THAILAND FOOTAGE TRADING PROJECT
– By participating in this activity, participants agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions below.

– Definitions
>> TAT refers to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
>> Committee refers to a group of people who are authorized to judge tasks assigned by TAT.
>> TAT, agency, other partners and family involved in this campaign will be excluded from partaking in this activity.

– The THAILAND FOOTAGE TRADING PROJECT will run from 9 February, 2018, to 16 March, 2018.

– Participate in the THAILAND FOOTAGE TRADING PROJECT through the following channels:
> Facebook fanpage
> Instagram account @tourismthailand

– The participants must have a Facebook, Instagram or Weibo account and follow us on:
> Or Instagram tourismthailand
> Or
Then post your Thailand trip footage on Facebook, Instagram or Weibo on a PUBLIC SETTING ACCOUNT and add the following HASHTAGS #OpentotheNewShades #AmazingThailand, so that the Committee will be able to access your post.

– Participants are allowed to post more than one clip.

– The Committee will be awarding 15 prizes for VDO footages that most impressively reflect the perspectives of the tourism of Thailand.
Each winner shall be entitled to receive only 1 prize from:
>> 5 prizes of SSAP Indigo Dyed Cotton Shirt
>> 5 prizes of Kan Yao Durian
>> 5 prizes of an exclusive the cooking class (each winner shall be permitted to invite 4 friends to join the classes.)

* Note: The exclusive cooking class is given for the cooking class only. The visa application fees, accommodation and travelling expenses, or other additional expenses are not included.

– The prize winner accepts the condition to send the winning footage to TAT after being contacted by the Committee.

– The Committee’s decision relating to this activity shall be final and binding to all participants. If any matters arise, which are not covered in these Terms and Conditions, they will be determined solely by the Committee.

– The winner list will be announced via fanpage:
>> Instagram tourismthailand
Our team will notify all prize winners on the 20 March, 2018, through your inbox.

– Do not post images, speeches and content that are illegal, impolite or obscene. Also, institution-related, beliefs and religious offensive or personal rights violating posts are not allowed.
In case that any improper action is found, our team shall reserve its right to change and/or delete such statements from this activity without prior notification.

– Do not copy or modify images or VDOs that belong to or have the copyright by others, take any action which breaches the copyright laws, claim ownership of those images or VDOs and send them for contest in this activity. In case, that the fact was concluded that such images or VDOs that breached the law were aforementioned, the Committee reserve its right of awarding prizes, and such person shall be regarded as having been disqualified to join the activity from the beginning and TAT shall assume no legal liability to such action in any case whatsoever.

– “Prize Winner” refers to the person whose name is announced by the Committee on the fanpage as a prize winner and notified via inbox of such person by our team. The prize winner shall notify his or her full name, telephone number and address within 7 days as from the announcement of the result date on the fanpage or via inbox. In case that, any prize winner fails to contact back within 7 days, it shall be regarded that such person has renounced the rights to receive such prize, and our team shall award the prize to the next person in the priority list of prize winners.

– Receiving the prizes, TAT will not be held responsible for damage, loss, delay, or inconvenience arising from transportation misfortune beyond our control.

– Our team shall send the prize by post to the address of the prize winner given through the Inbox of the fanpage.

– In accordance with Thai law, the winner of a prize worth over 1,000 Baht shall be subject to the withholding tax deduction equal to 5% of the value of the prize, and shall give a certified copy of the ID Card or passport to our team.

– The prize winner shall maintain membership of the fanpage of, Instagram tourismthailand or until the date of receiving the prize; otherwise, the prize winner shall be disqualified to receive the prize.

– The prize winner may not exchange the prize for cash or other items and may not transfer the rights of receiving the prize to others.

– Our team reserves the right not to give prizes, in case that, the person eligible to receive prizes failed to comply with the proposed Terms and Conditions thereof.

– Our team shall be entitled to duly reject, cancel or cease the activity without any prior notification thereof; provided that all participants in the activity shall not be entitled to claim any direct or indirect damages suffered by them against TAT.

– Our team shall, at its sole discretion, reserve the rights to change and/or amend this activity and/or all terms and conditions relating to this activity without any prior notification thereof to all participants in this activity.

– All participants grant TAT the absolute and unrestricted right to modify, use and/or publish any still or moving image of the participants for any promotional, marketing, commercial or other related purpose, without any payment or compensation, whether now known or hereafter devised.

– All participants, having thoroughly read and understood all statements contained herein, agreed and consented
to comply with all terms and conditions specified above in all respects.