The Authentic Sushi Restaurant from Tsukiji Fish Market

“Irashaimase” (A warm greetings) to an authentic Sushi Restaurant with fresh ingredients straight from Japan’s famous Tsukiji fish market.
Sushi and Sashimi (fresh raw fish) are two of the most popular delicacies in Japan. They are constantly gaining its popularity in various parts of the world, especially now, with its trending “Omakase”, which is a unique style of serving full course sushi.
Located on the first floor of Compass skyview behind Emporium building, Sandaime Bangkok is ready to serve you with our best quality Sushi course. Come enjoy your meal with us and you will find an authentic style of Edomae Omakase that we prepare traditionally and serve especially just for you.

Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime Bangkok

Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime Bangkok has its history originated from the Tsukiji fish market, the biggest and by far the most prominent fish market in Tokyo, Japan. The third generation fish dealer, Takeshi Ishikawa, who has a life-long passion in Japanese traditional culinary decided to open his first successful sushi shop. After more than one hundred years of experience, the business has expanded its branches in 6 cities across Japan, including two at the Tsukiji market itself, one in Ginza district, one in Okinawa and one in Nagoya. The restaurant is now opening in Bangkok bringing its Japanese perfection into Thailand.
Our restaurant focuses on its traditional “Edomae” full course sushi and sashimi. The course has been well-designed step by step by our head chef from Sandaime Japan. From the first step of selecting the best seasonal fish to serve, to the step of serving the sushi on the plate, what we value the most is the freshness of the ingredients and the satisfactory of our customers.
Having more than thirty-five years of experience as a sushi chef, our chefs are also responsible for when to serve each specific piece of sushi.
When you visit Sandaime Bangkok and order “Omakase course”, you might find the fish of the course are slightly different each time you visit. The reason behind that is because the restaurant is exquisite in their fish selection and we take particular care for our freshness.

Sushi Bar & Private Rooms

The restaurant is decorated in Japanese contemporary theme. The customers are to choose to either having a seat in front of the chef to enjoy viewing the delicacy of making Omakase course, at the bar or having peaceful atmosphere created originally from “Zen” traditional style of furniture and decoration at the private zone of the restaurant.

Omakase Course

The Edomae authentic delicacy are served in a form of “Omakase Course” in Sandaime Bangkok. The course are varied by the number of the sushi that are served and the fish selected most appropriated by price adjusted shown on the menu. The courses at lunch time are at 1,800 Baht and 2,600 Baht. At dinner, the prices for Omakase courses are 3,300 Baht, 4,200 Baht and 5,500 Baht accordingly. The recommendation from the restaurant for first timer is the original Sandaime course. In addition, the restaurant also offers a la carte menu and varieties of side dishes.

The Omakase course is usually served piece by piece with each step from the chef to the customer by hand. Every dish is made when the order is placed, in front of the customer to retain its freshness and taste to the maximum.

Sandaime Omakase Course (4200 Baht) (the best seller course from the restaurant)
Starting with the Nakaochi Roll set, the meat around the bone of Japanese tuna which has the amount of fatness and a soft texture perfect for a starter. The minced fish is served with the grilled Nori (Japanese seaweed) and a stack of green onion and preserved Japanese white radish.

Next up, the Sashimi is served. Himalayan salt stone and lime are what make this dish the more interesting than any other sashimi dish. The perfect way of having this sashimi dish is to squeeze the small amount of lime juice on top of the Himalayan salt stone, then swiping your sashimi on the salt plate to absorb the saltiness and tartness expanding the complex flavor of the sashimi.
Botan –Ebi (Botan Shrimp) & Sea Shell Sashimi is prepared while you enjoy the Himalayan Sashimi. Giving the richer kind of seafood, the shrimp and sea shell sashimi is served at the latter state of the course.

Having tasted the sashimi, now come the time for a grilled-white fish of the day. With the right amount of heat adding up to the fish, the nice sensation of smell is flowing out of this dish. Following up is the unique seafood Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed eggs). The creamy soft texture from the egg and the saltiness from the seafood blend perfectly well together.

Set of Nigiri Sushi (style of cutting part of a fish) is now given, in this set the chef is to give you each sushi one by one, served on your plate accompanied with Gari (Japanese pickled Ginger). The eight pieces that are served, changed according to its season. However, the standard of the course will always include one Grilled Wagyu Sushi, which is the famous A4 grade beef and one Otoro Sushi (the juiciest part of Japanese Tuna).
In the case of customer not being able to consume beef, the restaurant can provide you with Grilled Otoro Sushi to enjoy instead. Anago Aburi, the delicious grilled Japanese eel is also part of the set, part of the sushi set also consist of a small cup of sushi called Uni Ikura with Dashi Sauce, the amplified rich flavor creamy texture and the smell of the sea urchin are combined together leaving the customer urging for more.

Negitoro roll is presented at the last step of the sushi set before coming to a closure of a heartwarming miso soup. The soup act as a finisher for the sushi set that leave the customer satisfied with each bite took.

At the end of the course, Japanese green tea or Japanese Yuzu ice-cream is also served, clearing all the flavor that maybe left lingering in your mouth.

Best seller dishes

Sandaime Omakase
Signature Omakase course from the original Aozora Sandiame; appetizer, sushi set and desserts 4,200.-

Edomabushi Saikyo
An ultimate dish providing all the exquisite ingredient in one bowl 1,280.-