Sweet Retreat Cakes, Luxury Bakery Creating Show Stopping Custom-Made Cakes and Cupcakes

Rich chocolate cake layered with luscious chocolate ganache, maple syrup cupcakes with delicious maple syrup Swiss buttercream, delicate vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla Swiss buttercream, red velvet with yummy white chocolate ganache or pumpkin passion cake with cinnamon and light cinnamon Swiss buttercream!

These are just some of the amazing flavours that have inspired an instant following among customers of Sweet Retreat, which specialises in highly styled treats that range from mini cupcakes – to towering multi-tier wedding and fun birthday cake creations.

All of their cakes are made from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Sarah Brown and Julie Eady, both hail from England, are skilled in baking, cake decorating and sugar artistry.  Mrs. Brown ran her own cake decorating business in England before coming to Thailand.  Since September 2013 they began teaching bakery skills and then developed a non-profit training programme called The Baking Project, with a passion to empower Thai women that have been given the opportunity to leave behind situations in which they were vulnerable and at risk, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Whilst in training each trainee has to achieve the highest professional standards in food & hygiene accredited by the British City & Guilds and Food Hygiene Asia, excellent skills in bakery and sugar crafting to graduate and receive certification.  They then have the opportunity to work in the non-profit bakery called Sweet Retreat, where they can continue to grow in confidence.

The first team of graduates have come a long way; initially having no skills in baking and no knowledge about sugar artistry, but now they are professional bakers in their own right.

Sarah & Julie are really proud and humbled by them. It has been very encouraging to see the women begin to take ownership in the bakery, great pride in their work and look truly honoured as people compliment them about their work.  A great leap forward as they are recognized for their amazing abilities, without the stigma from their past.

Sweet Retreat is just over 1-year-old, however the bakery is fast becoming known for their amazing creativity and sugar artistry as the word spreads around Bangkok of their increasingly popular custom made Designer Cakes.

Their website and Facebook page is full of numerous styles and themes for celebrations cakes.  Sweet Retreat can make cakes for weddings, children’s birthday’s, general celebrations, cake pops, cookies, customised decorated cookies.  Sweet Retreat specialise in custom made sweet centerpieces that include, but are not limited to, beautiful sugar flowers and sugar models that are freehand modelled into anything your imagination can think of.

The more orders Sweet Retreat receive, the more women we will be able to train and employ.

It is incredible to think a skill such as baking & sugar crafting is really helping to transform lives!  When you teach with love wonderful and amazing things can happen!

For more information about Sweet Retreat, you can visit the website: www.sweetretreatcakes.com
Facebook: Sweet Retreat BKK
Instagram: – sweet retreat bkk

Source: https://expatlifeinthailand.com/travel-and-leisure/art-and-culture/the-baking-project/


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