If you can barely think, sleep and eat because of the overflowing piles of paperwork on your desk and if you think your job is important. Then throw them in a basket and get back on them after a relaxing holiday, but wait. You are scared of travelling alone. No worries. The road is full of friends waiting to get to know you and even teach you how to become a legit outside observer of the world. As famed traveller writer Rebecca Solnit said, “When you give yourself to places, they give you yourself back”. For the record, the “Law of Attraction” in physics says, the amount of energy that you throw to the universe is the same magnitude that you’re getting in life.

In short, if you focus on positive, you will eventually attract positive even if you stuck in the middle of the street, running out of money and stumbled on cancelled bookings. It’s just a matter of preparation and planning ahead of time by following these life hacks when you opt for the big adventure.

Book the cheapest flight
One of the best things, when you travel alone, is it increases your problem-solving ability because you can’t hand over the responsibility when things go wrong like booking a hotel, bus, coach or even flights. Now, this is where you learn to diversify yourself when you encountered delayed flights. By the very fact that the cheapest airline is prone to delayed flights or cancelled flights. It’s either way. So, you better off bring some books or colouring books, puzzle pieces, laptop to finish your work or simply switch the mundane moments into fun!

On top of that, when you want to find the cheapest flights you have to use Skyscanner or Kayak to compare the price of the different airlines. From there, pick the cheapest airlines and go straight to the main source of the website or app to book your desired date. Since Skyscanner and Kayak cost a dollar or more on low-cost items.
Tip: Prices go up for the peak season, so chase a later flight in the year or purchase as far in advance as possible.
Find the fastest and most affordable way to get from the airport to the city
Travelling solo is something absolutely everyone should do in life because you learn how to outsmart the scammers especially drivers who don’t bother to use the meter. You just need to take the Airport Rail Link from the airport to Phaya Station switch to the BTS and jump off at your desired destination. You can choose between the Express Line (15 min – 90B) or the City Line (45B) which makes stops along the way and takes about twice as long. The rail line runs from 6 am to midnight.

Tip: Don’t change all your money at the airport because you will get a terrible rate. Better to change your money before you leave home or else just change enough money to pay for the Airport Rail Link and BTS. Once you arrive at the BTS station, you can never miss the SuperRich money exchange which I highly recommended because they offer a good rate of exchange. BTW, don’t forget to download the Currency App because it helps you a lot.

Book a postal close to tourist spots
If you don’t want a big space and you find travelling with strangers is even more fun than travelling solo. Then, you have to book a hostel to save money and enjoy your room companion/s. Absolutely, you can learn some values when you pay attention to each of the traveller, especially respect.

Tip: Be reminded to check the nearest BTS station of your hostel for you to know which station you’re gonna drop off from the Phaya Station and choose a particular hostel that is quite close to tourist attractions because it can save time and money. You can use Booking.com or Agoda for cheaper ones to book your hostel.

The cheapest and easiest way to roam
As mentioned above, from the BTS itself you can easily go around the city. For instance, if Grand Palace, Wat Po and Khao-san Road are on your list, then all you need to do is take the nearest BTS from where you are to Siam Station and change to the Silom line (direction Wongwian Yai) and get off from the 5th station which is the Saphan Taksin and you can follow the crowd to the Chao Phraya Express Boat Pier.

Make sure to buy the ticket for only 15B and wait for the boat to come and hop on until you reach pier #9 (Tha Chang). The Grand Palace is straight down the street and just around the right corner while the Wat Pho is in the opposite side of the massive palace. You can’t miss it!

Plus, after wandering inside the palace and temples you can take the Chao Phraya Boat Service again to pier #13 (Phra Arthit), if you want to go to Khao-san Road it’s only a short walk east from the exit of the Pier.

Tip: Just in case you get lost, you can never go wrong with Uber or Grab Taxi because it’s way cheaper and just always remember to ask the driver to take you to the nearest BTS station because it connects the Sukhumvit and Silom line.

Best way to eat local food
A non-touristy spot is a good choice to chow down and enjoy the local specialities, don’t choose places where Indian, American, or other Western food is served because it will surely rip you off since prices reflect the struggle they had to learn these recipes. So, you can absolutely find prices start from $1 if you go far in distance from Khao-san Road not to mention that local foods are just everywhere.

Tip: Haggle!

So, what are you waiting for? Travel now, if not, when? Don’t waste your time waiting for your friends to say yes because ‘me’ time is essential for us to grow and learn things on our own.

Source: https://expatlifeinthailand.com/travel-and-leisure/cheapest-way-travel-bangkok/


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