Are you planning your next holiday? If you are and the nightlife plays an important part in your decision, why not take a look at the top 10 places as voted by Hostelworld. Amazingly, nowhere in Thailand made the list!

  1. Hamburg: Germany

With a wide selection of bars and clubs all with a vibrant atmosphere, it is perhaps little surprise that Germany’s second city tops the list.

  1. Copenhagen: Denmark

If you are working to a budget TripAdvisor, can give you some excellent ideas how to enjoy the Danish capital without missing out on anything.

  1. Berlin: Germany

Secret bars, huge nightclubs and cool bars – what more could you ask for? With the assistance of a vast array of restaurants, you can have the perfect night!

  1. Dublin: Ireland

Famed for its Guinness and literary-themed pub crawls, you will find something to do on every corner although much of the nightlife is centred around the Temple Bar area.

  1. Amsterdam: Holland

Famous for its carefree attitude you can party in the cafes and clubs long into the early hours and then take a walk along the canals – careful not to fall in!

  1. San Francisco: USA

By day or by night, San Francisco is a truly vibrant city with bars and restaurants open until the early hours and you can be sure that you will enjoy a night out like no other anywhere else in the world.

  1. Gothenburg: Sweden

Gothenburg is far more chilled-out than many of the other offerings – just think bars with effortlessly cool interiors, laidback crowds at the clubs and even the odd pub or two.

  1. Prague: Czech Republic

Attracting beer-lovers from around the world. The prices are low and the quality is high, there’s lots of entertainment and the backdrops are impressive too.

  1. Warsaw: Poland

Notoriously cheap, revellers head for the ‘multi-tap’ bars serving up a wide range of local beers – that counts as soaking up the culture?

  1. New York: USA

The city has a reputation for non-stop hustle and bustle and it is thoroughly deserved. Every budget and taste is catered for and it definitely has something to appeal to everyone.




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